Lionel Karl Hepplewhite has been making violins, violas and cellos for discerning players since 1955. Each instrument is individually hand made by Karl to exactingly high standards in his own Malvern workshop.

Traditional methods of construction, materials and designs are used. Great care and attention are applied to internal as well as external workmanship and finish ensuring the highest possible quality of tone and longevity of each instrument.

Numerous testimonials from soloists, leading professional players and students confirm the quality and outstanding tonal characteristics of Hepplewhite instruments. Furthermore, the old prejudice against new instruments is fully disproved by such testimonials.

Instruments are constructed for customers in strict rotation and, as the emphasis is on quality not quantity, each instrument is completed in turn. The customer is always welcome to visit the workshop to look at the work in progress.

Accumulated experience over forty years of making has endowed each instrument with fine details and superb design to achieve playing and musical qualities required by discrimination players.